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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trip to Sabah 2012 - Fisherman Village Seafood Market Restaurant

As this was a company trip that was organized, the travel company actually arranged for a dinner at one of the tourist restaurants as I would like to call it and its non other than the famous Kampung Nelayan Fisherman Village Seafood Market Restaurant. I had heard of this place before and was hoping for some really awesome seafood. What makes this place popular is the fact that they also have a traditional dance performance in the night where its like a cultural show to showcase the traditions of Sabah! But I was to be disappointed as the food was sub standard. Sorry but I do like my food and performances is always second in some cases. What I did notice is probably that the package we got was of a lower price one and thus we got not as great food. Thus if you plan to come here, be prepared to get slaughtered!

The colorful neon signboard

The restaurant is actually located on a small hill and you need to walk up some stairs. The you realize the restaurant is kind of floating being in a lake.

The many aquariums with the live seafood. Not cheap at all

Some shellfish
And vegetables.

The large seating area

Fish maw soup. The fish maw had a fishy taste and was overly fried. Not high quality as you can see

Sabah vegetable. This used to be so common even in Kuala Lumpur but I guess demand in Sabah alone now makes production limited. This is a vegetable worth trying. The vegetable is very crunchy but the ones in the photo was abit old thus there was some tough fibres. My take would be to stir fry it with sambal belacan!
Fried 4 angle beans was pretty good though slightly overcook as you can see from the yellowish color
Steamed clams would probably have been the easiest to prepare and looking at the size of the shells, I was really hoping for a good one. But if you look closely, it was also steamed too long and the clam meat has shrunk quite abit making it tough and chewy
To me, coming to Sabah to eat a big plate of boiled prawns which is not even large size if really a let down!
And then the crabs were so small its just not worth spending time to get to its meat!
Probably the only attraction here is the dance show. There was no live MC or announcer and everything was like pre-recorded thus the show was kind of "dead"

Then came the fish. It was a large fried siakap (seabass) and my fear was realized as it was an unfresh fish which is most likely a frozen one. The meat was awful and there was so much leaftover
Well, there as a swet and sour fried chicken. Well, nothing special at least its edible
Thus, overall my impression here is of lack lustre food unless you plan to go for the high end package which I'm not sure what is the price as there were other groups there and their food choices definitely looks more exotic and much better. My take would be to have your seafood dinner elsewhere unless you must watch the traditional show.

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