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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trip to Sabah 2012 - Kota Kinabalu Fish Market

Now I have heard of the famous fish market in Kota Kinabalu which is like the center for all the seafood trade here. Every morning daily, without fail unless there is a typhoon, the market is a hive of activity. I actually went there at 6.15am on the first day and what I saw really made me want to visit this market again, and thus, I did that on the next day as well, this time going there at 5.15am instead hoping to see even more stuff. Do check out my adventures at this market

That is a basket full of slipper lobster which someone already bought. Thus I wasn't able to ask how much it was going for.
The friendly seller posing with the fish!

This is the open market. There is actually another market that is covered just next door which I did not find out till the next day. There is just so many people here
Everyone is trying to find their favorite seafood.
Basket full of crabs. The crabs were abit small but each plate was only RM3 which I feel is still a bargain
Just take your pick!
All sort of fish available here. Don't bother looking for fresh water fish though
I think this was one of the most interesting find I saw at the market
Its puffer fish and the thorny variety. The size of the fish was very large as well. If I'm not wrong, this is a really poisonous variety yet there were many people buying it. Wish I knew those people to give me a taste
Another variety of puffer fish. This one is square in shape and interestingly, some of it even looks like it has horns.
OK, this one might not go well with all those animal lovers but hey, I would guess the fish was already caught right and thus don't waste it. The plastic containers are the carcass of huge rays! I would guess the ray was at least 5-6 feet in diameter. Huge
Thats the body of the ray. And next to it is a shark
Many smaller sharks in another basket. Hey, at least they are not just going for their fins
I have no idea what fish is this though. Its pretty large and shiny
The many dealers trading the days catch. Mostly small fishes
The fisherman unloading their catch. If only I have the time, I would hang around here all day
Me posing at the fish jetty
Sorting the fish
There are many fishing boats all anchored along the dock
Another view of the market
This lady is selling fresh seaweed as well as cockles. The items in the plastic bag is actually sea urchin roe but I dare not try. She was even selling dried seahorse. Very interesting indeed
Some pictures of the interesting boats here