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Friday, July 13, 2012

Trip to Sabah 2012 - Day 1, Handicraft Market

In some ways, KK can be considered a shoppers paradise. Well, if you consider local craft and delicacies a must see during any trip, then KK is like a gold mine. This was my first night there and me and my colleague decided to have a walk around to the night markets. Mine you, the night markets here open daily from evening till midnight so shop till you drop ya.

An arial view of the town from the hotel
Lots of stalls line the road after office hours.
We saw this durian which was golden orange in color. More about this in another post! FYI, its called durian dalik, well thats what the seller was calling it. And it was very very expensive at RM35/kg.

The dry produce market
Outside the popular handicraft market you can see these rows of tailors where they will help people sew anything!

More of the dry produce market. Its a hive of activities here
As you continue walking, you will then see the open air food stalls behind the handicraft center
Then one will reach the biscuit stalls which sells the famous kuih cincin of Sabah! Its delicious and I highly recommend it. Also the fish puff is great

And this is the vegetable market at night which is behind the biscuit stalls. Interesting got so many stalls here selling all kinds of vegetables. And its cheap too!

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