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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trip to Sabah 2012 - Frozen Seafood & Night Markets

Now Sabah is known for its seafood and its very popular for visitors to bring some frozen seafood home with them. I was no different and did the same. There are quite a few shops selling frozen seafood in the town and on average, its cheaper than the shop at the airport for the more average type of fish. What I mean by average are the garoupa's such as the stone or 7 star or red ones. After surveying many shops, in town, the price is about RM40-45 per kg but for the more exotic fish, such as the sow mei and lou shu pan, these are from RM110-120 per kg. The standard packing that they provide is able to last about 12 hours and if you use the styrofoam packing, it will last 24 hours which should be able to last any flight home!

Thats me with 2 huge frozen lobsters! The one in my left hand was about 3kg! Huge! I can't believe I did not take photos of the frozen fishes! I did buy a frozen Sow Mei which I have already eaten! The flesh was just so soft and sweet and even though the fish was small, it was good. But if eating at the restaurant for RM350-400 per kg live, I think its over priced! I would instead go for the giant ones where they slice up the fish for you. There is one restaurant where my friend told me the fish was going for about RM220-250 per kg. Next time I will try it.

Everyone took turns to pose with the giant lobsters! Thats YC below!
After the frozen seafood, there is also lots of dry produce which the shops sell as well. I guess I didn't come all the way to Sabah just to buy back dried shrimp right? I mean, we can get this back home too, and it wasn't like super cheap.
You will be able to find all sort of dried and salted fish here
At the night market, you might find these! Giant shells for collection! The price is very reasonable with the large ones only going for about RM15-18 each.
Not recommended to buy would be the corals.
The local lady, probably a Sea Bajau!

You can also get very fresh vegetables at the night market, though I didn't cook but it would surely be easy to find vegetables here.

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  1. Hi, May I know where is the location for selling big sea shell? Can email me