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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tatsuya for your Japanese Cuisine Fix

I guess my colleague suggested for Japanese food and I happen to ask the taxi driver which Japanese restaurant around Orchard area which is recommended and he told us that there was one at Goodwood Park Hotel. First thing that came to my mind was where is this hotel and what kind of hotel was it?
I guess Singaporeans would know but I surely didn't until we walk to the hotel and lo and behold, this is surely one expensive hotel.
So this is my recount of my dinner with colleagues at this fantastic Japanese restaurant called Tatsuya and its really a great place to experience some great Japanese food provided your pocket is deep enough.

The Sashimi platter for 4 person which costs SGD200. No doubt its one of the best sashimi platter that I have had but for SGD200, its kind of pricey. Each item you only get 1 piece or slice!

Thats the menu, and minimum is SGD50 for 1 person's share of sashimi
The soy sauce holder
Cup for green tea which is refillable
More pictures of the Sashimi platter. How can I not take more pictures right? It is the highlight for the night anyway
So this is what you get. Slices of tuna, salmon, scallops, fresh prawns and squid. I must say I think those are some tuna belly slices which is really so tasty. The scallops were wonderful and succulent and I have never had such sweet tasting scallops before. Its just great. As for the prawns, its coated in the prawn eggs and each bite gives you a little crunch from the eggs. I finished every single bit of those eggs.
If you notice, each piece of the fish is experted cut to ensure you get the best bite. Almost all the same size and thickness. That is what I call skill.
This is one noodle which should be tried. I can't remember whats it called but its one that needs to be soaked and cooked by the chef. The texture is so springy and kind of regret that I ordered the udon. Luckily my colleague let me take a bite
This quail egg is mixed into the soup and the noodles above are then dipped into the soup to be eaten
As our budget was limited and seeing that the sashimi platter is not going to make us full, each of us decide to order either a noodle or rice set. I had udon with tempura. The nice thing is that they provide you with a bottle of Japanese chilli flakes/sesame seed and you add as much as you like to the soup. The tempura was very light and there was a mixture of vegetables and of course, fried prawns.
My other colleague had to have rice so he ordered a rice tempura set instead
We also had a side dish of grilled unagi (eel) and it wasn't a really big piece but I have to say it wasn't cheap either.
To end the dinner, we ordered ice cream and there was green tea, black sesame and vanilla. To me the black sesame ice cream really stands out and that is my favorite followed by the green tea with red bean toppings.
Guess what, even the Singapore Chairman have eaten here
Thats the chef preparing his magic
You can also choose to sit at the bar counter. When we arrived, there was no place and it was fully pack at the counter. Was later told that there are many items which are not on the menu and you can have the chef serve you. Too bad we miss that but who knows how much it would costs?
For regulars, they even have their own wine
The outdoor dining area
The entrance to this exquisite Japanese restaurant
And this is Goodwood Park Hotel! Looks amazing and kind of reminds me of E&O Hotel in Penang due to its colonial influence. As we were leaving, we kind of notice the many Ferraris, Bentleys and what not expensive cars here....

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