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Monday, April 30, 2012

Seletar Hill Restaurant

As the name suggest, I would presume that this restaurant is located at Seletar Hill! It's like just a couple of minutes away from Motorola and Apple at Ang Mo Kio and I would say that the food here is pretty decent and was served relatively quick. This is a small restaurant though and its like located in the middle of a housing estate. I would guess that in Singapore, you won't find many of these small shops anymore. So do read on ya.

Starter of a spicy sourish Szechuan soup. The soup was well made with just the right amount of kick to it. There is lots of mushrooms and some egg strips in it too to give it some texture and bite.
The next dish is one of the better vegetable dishes I have had. This is stir fried long beans with a minced meat in a spicy sauce. Its somewhat like fry belacan but what stands out is surely the beans being very well cooked and you can definitely taste the "wok hei".

We also ordered Tung Po Yuk and it comes served on a heated mini wok. You get 4 pieces of soft and tender pork belly with a thick sauce which is infused with spices.
And this is how you eat it. By wrapping it up in the provided bun. Each piece fits nicely and because you eat it with the bun, you will not feel that the meat is too fatty as the bun kind of neutralizes the fat (just the feeling as you are still consuming the fat)
The last dish ordered was the crispy duck. The duck is skilfully deboned except at the thigh and the skin was really crispy to the bite. The meat of the duck was also succulent and this goes well with the rice too
Simple setting with big and small tables to cater to the different crowds
The shop front of the restaurant. You can't miss the bright red sign board

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