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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Penny Tai Showcase at Penang

Was lucky enough to get 2 pairs of tickets to watch Penny Tai's showcase performance at Han Chiang School in Penang 2 weeks back. It was interesting because the banana me didn't really know who is Penny Tai until my wife told me about it. So the both of us were there and our friends and had an enjoyable time watching her performing live. 
It was a pretty lively performance and I was glad that she belted out quite a number of songs and the whole event lasted slightly over an hour. It was also nice that she took effort to mingle with the crowd and I even got to shake her hand. For those that missed this, I guess you could try catching her concert in Melbourne later this month. Till then, enjoy! Sorry for the not so great pics but was really quite far from the stage.

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  1. She's a great singer. But still like her older songs than the new one.