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Friday, April 13, 2012

Restoran Makanan Laut Villa at Sitiawan

After Cheng Beng in Ipoh, decided to bring everyone on a day trip to Sitiawan and also have dinner there. Before dinner, we went to the famous Tua Pek Kong temple facing the sea and only after that we went to have dinner at Villa!
We arrived about 7.15pm and the place was packed to the brim with people! I was really surprised by so many people and according to my uncle who is pretty familiar with the place, this seems to be the norm here on weekends and the advise is to come on a weekday! Too bad that is not that feasible for me. 
We had to wait over an hour before food is served and it was a horrendous wait as we had to endure the many plates of appetizing food that kept passing over our table. The thing that piqued my interest the most was that I was seeing tables with only a few person and they were ordering huge plates of seafood. I was wondering, how on earth will they finish all the food? Or is it that they planned to bring the leftovers home? It was as if every table were ordering large portions. Or was it really cheap? 
Well, I finally found out when our order arrived at the table! Lo and behold, the size and portion of the dishes were mind blowing huge! First time I saw a mountain stash of clams being served! Everything was huge except the plate of prawns which I specifically mentioned to be a small portion. I was expecting this to be a hefty sum but I was thoroughly surprised by the price for everything! At only RM87 including rice and drinks, the food here is a steal! I hope after writing about this place the price doesn't sky rocket. Now don't say I don't let good things out of the bag (hehhe)

Its not hard to spot this place but come earlier
 Just look at the crowd

 Steamed sting ray teochew style! I'm sure not many have had stingray served like this before but I thoroughly agree with my uncle that you won't want to be wasting lots of money to steam an expensive fish only to have it not tasting great (under or over cook). So for value for money and something that tastes great even if its over cook, do give this a try as you can never over cook stingray!
 Yau Mak with preserved bean curd! This was really delicious and you can really taste the Wok Hei and you will instantly know that the chef has skilfully used high heat to cook the vegetables!
 This was the mountain of clams I mentioned! Just look at the amount! And these were very juicy and big ones!

 Butter prawns was also well made with fresh prawns used. Not super large prawns but the price will make you smile all the way!
 One of the best fried egg with oysters! You must try this when visiting Sitiawan and I really prefer this way where the egg is all fried and fluffy rather than mixed with lots of corn powder!
 Just look at that yummy oyster in the egg! Love it


  1. Emm.. A place that waiting waiting to explore then!

  2. Nikel there is definitely many place to explore in Sitiawan! I'm planning to go there for a discovery trip hopefully soon!