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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

With more friends and colleagues available, we decided to give Long Beach Seafood Restaurant a try after mentions from many that this is a popular seafood place that is near to Orchard. Its located at Dempsey Hill which is like opposite the Botanical Gardens if I'm not mistaken. The place was packed to the brim when I arrived at about 8.30pm and luckily my colleagues have already gotten a table and ordered. I believe they ordered from a set menu thus thats good to know. No need to think too much I guess. So do read on for those that have a knack for some seafood in Singapore ya!

So this is the first dish we have! Do you able to guess what it is? Sorry for the poor lighting as we were sitting outside and it was really really dim!
This is the salmon and geoduck sashimi platter!
The sashimi platter comes with this pot of seasoned soup which is used to do a quick shabu shabu! What that means is that you take the sashimi and quickly dip it in the hot soup for just like 1-2 seconds. Thats all it takes to retain the freshness of the sashimi and not over cook it

More pictures of the sashimi platter
Everyone digging in with their chopsticks. I have to say the geoduck really have a very crunchy texture raw. This is why you cannot cook it long else it will be tough. For those that like it raw, its really sweet to the taste as well. I like it both ways and you should at least try it raw first before doing the shabu shabu.
Next up is the prawns. Nothing much special and the size were just typical large prawns. I thought I would be getting something like tiger prawns or super large ones. This one is just pretty ordinary
For crabs, it was black pepper and I feel abit disappointed as I was hoping for some super large Sri Lankan crabs but the ones served were just large ones instead. I always feel that black pepper steals the sweetness from the crabs. I much prefer chilli crabs but I guess this was from the set menu
Even more disappointing was this tilapia fish. On the menu I think it was written phoenix fish! Yeah what a direct translation from "Kum Fong" if you know Cantonese. The fish was so small probably less than 700g and the sauce was so plain. For a seafood place like this, I definitely expected much more
Mixed vegetables with mushroom pot. I guess this is just a pot of stir fry veggies with a very thick broth. Its ok I guess but then again, you can get veggies like this anywhere.Only plus points are the use of fresh mushrooms which really gives it some flavor.
Noodles with clams. This is like the Tua Pan or Char Hor Fun in Penang or Wat Tan Hor for Cantonese. What is different is that the used clams in the broth and also put alot of fried fritters on top when serve. This is a really sad dish to me as there was no vegetables or meat but just less than 10 clams for a very large portion of noodles. Totally not worth it. I do not know why its serve like this as if we really want to eat just noodles?
Probably besides the sashimi, this is the highlight of the day which is their durian icecream. It comes in a fancy dry ice serving and only the top platter has the icecream. The green stuff at the bottom just makes it look nice. But I was surprise as real durian was used to make this and the taste was really filling and great. We all filled the cab with durian burps later when we were heading back.
And a closing photos with the colleagues. I guess overall, the food here is not bad if you are a tourist that hasn't had much good seafood before. But for me, the quality and the high price makes this just not worthwhile. I have been to Jumbo before at Eastcoast and they were much much better in every respect in my opinion.
Some photos of the restaurant and its surroundings. Please scroll all the way down to look at the ALIEN!

This is the ALIEN! Thats looking at you
Its actually a king crab! Its huge, about the size of a basketball!
Have no idea how much they cost but sure looks interesting!

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