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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant at Singapore

What would be an extraordinary lunch? Well, for those in Singapore, really envy you all as I do not see any similar place like this in Penang which serves lobster porridge for lunch. Yes, you heard me right, that is no ordinary porridge but live fresh lobster porridge! 
When I first heard of it, I thought that it would be those like big prawns but boy was I wrong when I arrived at this place. For your information, this place is located in the outskirts of Sembawang in one of those farmers places. As you reach the place, you will see many aquariums filled to the brim with lobsters. Hardly one will see so many lobsters placed in 1 aquarium and I guess they have so many because its consumed fast! They have both an indoor and outdoor seating place and I was told that they are pack in the evenings! So do read on for those looking for something special for their lunch treat!

Just look at those yummy lobsters! We ordered a portion  for 2 person and each person got 3 lobsters, though in different sizes. Looking at the photos is making me drool now! The meat was so springy and sweet and they purposely remove it from the porridge when its serve to ensure that the lobster do not get overcook!
So many of them all crammed up in there. Only fresh lobsters may apply!

The aquariums with the lobsters!
The bowl on the lower left is the porridge. The porridge is those where the grain is not all mushed up. Its the Teo Chew style and the porridge is thoroughly able to soak up the sweetness from the lobsters which was cooked together! We also ordered a dish of stir fried vegetables.
A close up of the lobsters. Each is split in half in the middle and just look at all those meat. I guess this is the reason they chose this kind of lobster as there is some meat even in the head area compared to some other variety which only have meat in the claws or tail area! One cannot go wrong with the lobsters here. I feel that this is one of the better lobster meals I have had but in the end, even though this is very good, I think I still prefers a good old super large tiger prawns!
Signature fried chicken wings. The chicken wings has been skilfully deboned and deep fried. This one is not only easy to eat but was very flavorful and crispy. Highly recommended for all and kids will love it.
And to end this post, some photos of the restaurant itself.

And this is how it looks from outside. Yes looks like a simple shack but don't be fooled and make sure you try it. Ample parking place for cars.

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