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Friday, May 2, 2014

Tantalising Daily Themed Dinner Buffet at G Cafe ~ G Hotel Penang

Starting this April, G Cafe which is located on the Ground Floor of G Hotel, are having daily themed Dinner Buffets and diners can look forward to some amazing deals as well a yummilicious delights. For each night of the week (Monday to Saturdays), the G Cafe transforms its ambiance to that of the theme for the night and diners will not just get to enjoy their great food but feel it as well.
As one walks into the G Cafe, on this occasion when I visited, it was a Friday (Seafood Feast BBQ), I was immediately taken aback by the very colorful display of food and the decorations as it was just stunning! The careful selection of colors and many well placed fish nets and seashells add further to highlight the theme for the evening.
The dinner buffet starts from 6.30pm till 10.00pm and its priced at RM108++ per person. Children 12 years and below eat for free while senior citizens get a 50% discount! This themed buffet will commence from April till June 2014. One can call G Cafe at 604-2380000 or email for reservations.

Below is what one can expect daily :
Monday : Mongolian Barbeque (Added Bonus, Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo)
Tuesday : French Bistro
Wednesday : Oriental Delights
Thursday : Flavour's from the Mediterranean
Friday : Seafood Feast BBQ
Saturday : Steak & Lobster BBQ

For this blog entry, I will focus on the Friday menu, and hopefully I will get to share more about the other promotions soon as well. From what I heard, each buffet is a feast waiting to be indulge in. So try it out after reading this. 

As one enters G Cafe, a classy display greets you

The bright and comfortable seating area
I really like this photo of a sneak peak from the dining area into the buffet area
Interestingly, the first item to be seen is the desserts spread. And I have to say, wow, it was impressive
All made inhouse, by their very talented chef
The many choices of cold dishes
Smoked fish slices
A pretty well laid salad bar with many condiments and dressings to choose from
A selection of local fruit cuts
Yummy desserts in a cup
A selection of cheese
There is a section for the daily carvery and also noodle station!
The choice of condiment for the noodle station
The daily carvery, on this day was a huge red snapper! It was really yummy, well grilled and full of flavor
Thats one big fish grilled or "bakar" to perfection!
I so really like the color contrast of the decorations that I can't help taking this photo
There was also a selection of sashimi of salmon and tuna! All you can eat!
The shell decorations
There was a selection of chilled seafood. Checkout the mussels and prawns
Then there is many more seafood dishes which you will have a hard time trying it all out before your stomach fills up :) But thats a good thing
Curry crab! This would be a crab lovers dream
There is even some fried rolls to try
Fret not, there was also almond chicken to be had and not 100% seafood. I found this chicken to be very tasty and crispy and the almond flake added a nutty flavor to it. Nice indeed
Cheesy vegetables was something new to me. First time see a vegetable dish served this way and I would like to have this with some seafood together to balance out the heaviness of the cheese.
Lots of bite size finger food too
And more pictures of their very special desserts

I like the fact that many are made to be bite size
Another highlight is their icecream using only the best Gelato you can get! They have an assortment of flavor and its unlimited too! This alone is a great selling point
And there is also a choice of grilled vegetables
A choice of sauces for the BBQ
The spread of fresh seafood getting ready for the grill
WOW a sampling of the grill in action. Basically they will prepare your choice of seafood when you select it to keep it fresh and hot! There is a choice of salmon, catfish, squid, slipper lobster, barracuda, prawns and also sanma fish to be had. Of course the choices changes depending on the availability and also freshness of the seafood!
And below are what I had for the night. Damage, a big belly but a happy camper!
Oh yeah, did I forget to mention there was also a counter that was cooking up fresh char koay teow! I can't help to not try it and it was a pretty decent attempt!
Ordered a mocktail which consist of sour sop and lime! It was very refreshing
A lighter plate with some vegetables
And then a plate of the grilled seafood!
Ordered another mocktail and this time its a house special! Yums! And you guessed it, there is watermelon in there
A plate of dessert to be had! Was happy that they had some local flavor to the mix of pastries as well
And finally, some gelato ice cream! Really cute balls of coldness with eyes!
Overall, I had a wonderful time savoring the choices here at G Cafe. Its like a little hidden treasure waiting to be explored and I'm just surprised its not more publicized. Hopefully you peeps will help spread the word and make this place even better! Cheers.

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