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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Official Opening of TGV Cinemas and The Amazing Spiderman 2 Premiere Screening at Gurney Paragon Mall

I have to thank some lucky stars, and of course John & Angelia of KayaButterToast as well as Regina of TGV Cinemas for inviting me to the grand opening of TGV Cinemas with IMAX at Gurney Paragon. In conjunction with this launch, I also got the opportunity to watch the premiere screening of The Amazing Spiderman 2: The Rise of Electro, at the IMAX with 3D hall!
With the opening of TGC Cinemas in Gurney Paragon, Penangites now have another avenue to fulfill their movie watching cravings, what more with TGV now bringing the first IMAX cinema to Penang or should I even say the Northern region of Malaysia. This is definitely great news as previously one would have to head to KL to catch one of these screens. Moreover, the IMAX at TGV Cinemas Gurney Paragon is of the latest design and comes with 3D. It features the latest in digital projector technology as well as immersive surround sound for a truly remarkable movie experience.

The official opening was kick started by registration of the special guests as well as media and what is more is that TGV prepared some games for all to participate in, and easily win some TGV souvenirs! Food was also generously provided and the host was really energetic to keep the pace of the event moving.

After the launch, all were invited for the premiere screening of The Amazing Spiderman 2 and after that, there was the record attempt for the "Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Spiderman!" I have to say, the support and turnout was truly spectacular and the whole floor area of TGV Cinemas was "flooded" with your friendly neighbourhood hero!

As for the movie experience, I have to say that this was the first IMAX 3D movie I have ever watch, and the expectations were high. As we entered the hall, it was well lit and easy to spot your seats. A note to all, The row numberings at the front row nearest to the screen start with "A" and not vice versa. So do take note when you make your bookings.
The 3D glasses were well sized and comfortable even for those wearing glasses and I had no issue experiencing the 3D effect. The technology have really evolved and with the use of dual digital projectors as well as the well designed seating arrangement, there isn't really a "bad" seat as IMAX terms it. I got to experience this via seating in the second row from the front and even though the experience of 3D was good, the strain on the neck wasn't. It was a very immersive experience as the size and curvature of the screen makes it look as if we are fully encompass by the view. I sometimes had to look left and right to get the full picture, and that is how "BIG" the view was. 

And finally the premiere of The Amazing Spiderman 2 : The Rise of Electro was just a great way to highlight what IMAX 3D could achieve. Spidey's amazing agility as he zips around the skyline of New York was truly breathtaking and I believe the director took full advantage of creating this when he directed the movie. Hmm, I'm wondering if I should divulge more about the movie as that would mean giving out some spoilers, I think I will not. I just have to say that the movie, really tries to explore more about Peter Parker and there were also some clues into the mysteries of his parents. His girlfriend (Gwen) and close friend (Harry) are all main characters in this movie and it was interesting how Electro came into the picture. There is the usual love story with a twist and I will not divulge the ending but if you look at the poster, you will notice that besides Electro, there are more nasties which Spiderman have to overcome to save Manhattan from being smashed to smitherines! Last but not least, I guess this movie will prelude to another future episode but the 142 minutes spent watching this is truly worthwhile!

After watching this movie, I have to really encourage movie lovers to at least experience IMAX or even better yet, IMAX 3D once with a movie that was designed for it. Some of those which I'm now looking forward to are Godzilla and the ultimate one, Transformers : Age of Extinction! which is shot partially with digital IMAX 3D cameras!

So do checkout the photos and captions below, and head over to TGV Cinemas for that truly spectacular movie experience.

TGV Cinemas with IMAX! Maybank is their official financial provider too.

Checkout their opening promotion prices which is something of great value and not to be missed! 
 Guests registration in progress!
 Games at the concourse area
 Some of the special guests posing with the Spiderman poster
 Lots of yummy food and drinks to be served! It would have been excellent if they have the Chill*X area like they do at 1-Utama. Hope that will come soon.
 Some of the special guests dancing for a viral video soon!
I'm about to get you Spidey!
 Getting ready for the launch!
 Electro is seen getting ready to do some serious damage!
 Thats the CEO of TGV Cinemas Gerald V. Dibbayawan on the left and Tamon Iwasaki who is IMAX's Director of Theatre Marketing in Asia getting ready to slot the key in with Spiderman looking on!
 The key didn't work and Spidermans Spider sense kicked in! He saw Electro had suck out the power grid and its time to act fast to fix the opening!
 So Spidey had the guts to use Electro as the power source for the grand opening! Way to go Spidey!
 Woohoo! And we have lift off! The opening was successful and a blast! Well done everyone!
My buddy trying out his Spidey pose. Look at the picture upside down then it will make sense!
 As we entered the cinema hall, lots of bright signs to lead the way
 Beanie is a TGV Cinema special where you get to sit on bean bags for a truly comfortable experience. Have not tried it but looks tempting for sure
 The 3D glasses booth as we are about to enter the main IMAX hall! Great courteous and friendly staff.
 And this is the hall! It was pretty decent in size and as you can see, the screen is pretty good size (though its no longer those dome like screens!)
 Stadium row seating ensure no one blocks your view
 All pumped up for the start of the movie. I was sitting on the second row from the screen though I still felt that the rows at the back was better! So aim to get a seat at the back rows in the middle for the ultimate experience.
 After the movie was over, it was time for the record attempt. There were so many fans in Spiderman costumes! Amazing indeed.
 Electro and Spiderman posing for a few final poses!
 The happy campers are now streaming into the halls and they too got to participate in this record attempt and also catch a great movie. They each also receive a goody bag from TGV Cinemas!

 Final registration and its all set

 There were hundreds of them!
 The queue stretched a great distance and it was indeed a fun event.
I have to thank TGV Cinemas again for this wonderful premiere and official opening invite and I do look forward to more reviews soon with them.

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