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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chicago Ohare Airport and American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge

I was pretty surprised with the size of Ohare Airport of Chicago and as this time when I depart from Ohare, its during the daytime and I'm glad too as I finally get to take some interior photos of this place. I particularly like the fact that the walkway is made with a transparent roof which allows alot of natural light to fill the place. Well, when I was there during spring (March), they had flags of different countries lining the walkway, but I didn't happen to see Malaysia's. 
I was very lucky as I got to visit and use the Admiral Lounge from American Airlines, but frankly, the lounge has nothing to shout about as the only freebies you get is coffee and tidbits. I guess this is typical of USA airlines compared to Asian or Middle Eastern ones where you are really pampered. So do check out whats install for you if you happen to be flying business or first class using American Airlines.

The open skylight and bright ambiance

For those on Business and First Class or if you are their Admirals Club member
 A cup of complimentary drink and all the tidbit you can eat from the dispenser is what you will get at the Admiral Lounge. Everything else you will need to pay extra
 You do get lots of comfortable sofas though
 This is the tidbits vending machine! Just take a paper cup next to it and dispense as much as you want

 All the AA planes parked and ready to fly
 On the tarmac and ready to takeoff
 And I'm off
 The horizon always looks good

 Thats the wing tip of AA planes!

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