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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Golden eBay Restaurant

Was fortunate enough someone decided to buy lunch and thus we headed to this restaurant in Sg Nibong called Golden eBay Restaurant. I m very confident it has nothing to do with the online auction giant :) Anyway, this restaurant is pretty popular because the food here is reasonably priced and tasty.
So there was 6 of us that day and we ended up ordering 5 dishes.
1st on the menu was fried noodles with seafood. This is Kwong Fu Sang mee or fried wanton noodle with "Wat Tan Hor". The portion was of decent size and the amount of squid, prawns and fish were pretty decent. I find this dish pretty good with the noodles well soaked up to the sauce and the taste suit my liking. I think it would be perfect if they added abit more egg into the sauce.
Rating : 3.5/5

Next was the roast duck with plum sauce. This roast duck dish taste very good. Not sure if this is the style they cooked it but the skin was just not as crispy as I had hope. But the duck meat was very juicy and well marinated. The plum sauce is also not too sweet and matches the duck very well. I think the chef is pretty skillful as most of the pieces of meat had the bones removed. Good job. One of the better roast duck I have had in Penang.
Rating : 4/5

Up next is the fried chicken. This one, I'm disappointed because I did not even get to try it as I do not know how the captain put in the order as there was more prawn crackers than pieces of chicken. There was only 5 pieces of chicken when there is 6 of us. Sigh. Anyway, the chicken looked over cooked, and not that appetizing. So I skipping the rating for this one.

The forth dish is the vegetable. We ordered mini Siew Pak Choy with scallops and mushrooms. The presentation of the dish is really attractive but I find the taste abit bland. Cooking with scallops you should be able to bring out the freshness and merge it with the vegetable but I feel it didn't happen here. Maybe the vegetable was boiled first which is probably why and then the sauce added later. Who know. Not too bad if you enjoy something that has a more subtle taste.
Rating : 3.5/5

The last and final dish is the suckling pig. I think this is one of the specialty here as in most restaurants, you would require to pre-order it but here, its available anytime. That probably is why it took awhile to arrive at the end. The chef must have been hard at work preparing it in the kitchen. Anyway, when it arrived, it looked really delicious. On the edge of the platter were mini steamed buns which is to go with the suckling pig. Now for suckling pig, the best part is the roasted crispy skin and the layer of fat that is below it. The condiments that goes with this is the stalk from spring onion and also some plum sauce. Now to me, I find that the suckling pig today was abit too fat under the skin. The better ones I had have would have a nice thin layer of fat and then some meat. The meat would have the nice marination flavor and with some meat below, it would allow you not feel that you are eating oil... hehe.
Overall I feel the suckling pig here is a good effort, and maybe next time if eating here again, can ask for a more meaty piglet :)
Rating : 4/5

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