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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sg Ara Market Hokkien Mee/Prawn Mee

Now, Penang is the place that is famous for its Hokkien Mee or to the rest of the world, Prawn Mee. This is a type of noodle with a spicy broth which is typically made with lots of prawns and pork for flavour. Now I have been passing this stall in Sg Ara market (its a shop lot next to the Sg Ara wet market) and I notice that the stall always had many people waiting there.
So one weekend, which so happen I was alone at home and not cooking lunch, I decided to go grab this Hokkien Mee. So I arrived, and lo and behold, it was the last few bowls available. So there is always the good and bad when you eat at any stall. The good, for broth base noodles, you could get the most flavourful broth as its at the bottom and all the yumminess is retained. Of course this applies to stalls that do not keep diluting their broth. Now thankfully this was the case at this stall in Sg Ara market. I probably got the most yummiful broth available. It was thick and fragrant with full taste of prawns.
The bad, is that some of the condiments are finished as well as the choice of noodles. So for my case, I had no vegetables (no Kang kung), no more prawns and no more rice noodles (mee hun). So I ended up getting extra pork leg meat and intestines as well as maggi mee instead.
So how it it overall? I liked it. I think it would have been great with prawns though. The pork meat was good but I think its abit pricey with a packet of large size costing me RM5. The thing which disappointed me was the intestines as it was bitter. This is typically when its not properly cleaned.
So I would rank this pretty high on my Hokkien Mee list which I'm sure I will be blogging more of. By the way, I ordered for takeaway and the shots were taken in my home :)
Rating : 4/5
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