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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deepavali Celebrations with children from Ramakrishna Ashrama Penang hosted by Eastin Hotel Penang

Deepavali this year really lighted up for the children from the Ramakrishna Ashrama Penang home when they were treated to an early Deepavali semi buffet by the very courteous staff of Eastin Hotel! I was invited to join Eastin Hotel in one of the CSR activities and I'm really glad I managed to join them this time as I really felt the sincerity as well as the warmth from the staff of Eastin Hotel in the activity.
To start, the staff allocated a nice section of the Swez Brasserie which is the hotels in house restaurant and the semi buffet for the night, there was chicken chop as well as a vegetarian pasta as mains, and of course the wide selection from their buffet line. The children was really enjoying themselves and even the staffs were all happy mingling with the kids. Its great seeing how they all had an enjoyable meal as its not everyday one get to have a nice buffet meal, especially for these kids. You can really feel their excitement and joy at being here, its like striking a lottery for them!
Thus, I would like to commend Eastin Hotel Penang, for putting not just profits on the agenda, but also taking the time and effort to help the needy, and making them feel special on occasions that counts. Do keep up the good work and I'm sure everyone appreciates it! Of course, do keep reading on and see some of the activities, and of course, since there are elements of food here, many foodie pictures as well ya!

Before I delve into the food, do check out the many photos of the celebrations with the childrens!

Having a good time

Icecream free flow!
There was one lucky kid who had his birthday celebrated on that day too!
Just look at the joy on their faces

Sharing the cake around

Wishing it was her birthday too!

Each child also gets a souvenir

And the birthday kid got an extra present
Before the event finishes, the kids took a ride at the elevators

And then its time to go home
 Finally its time for the food pictures :)
This is the chicken chop where you get a large whole chicken leg that is crispy fried and then bathed in a nice sauce.

 Vegetarian pasta. Full of broccoli as well as tomatoes and olives.

 Smoked duck breast 
 Seafood on ice
 Spoonful of bites
 Sushi rolls
 A variety of cheese for sampling
 Lots of desserts
 This is a wrap of banana
 My platter of yummy goodness. They even have an assortment of sashimi, mainly of tuna and salmon
  Pancake with icecream and blueberries

 They even have crispy pancakes
 And salad bar where you can mix and match your food choices

 Then to wash it all down, a nice cup of coffee with 2 scoops of vanilla icecream! Hehe, nice indeed
Do check out Eastin Hotel Penang and they have regular promotions and themes for lunch and dinners which changes monthly! Don't miss it ya

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