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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ramadan Buffet and Peranakan Cuisine at Eastin Hotel Penang

For the month of Ramadan which is from 29 June - 27 July  2014, Eastin Hotel's Swez Brasserie is having their highly anticipated Ramadan Buffet Dinner and it is an event or should I say feast which many will not want to miss!
As usual, Chef Bakri and Chef Fauzi will be bringing lots of traditional flavors to the table and some with a modern twist. One of the items which will be making headlines will be their whole roasted lamb (whole lamb will be available once there is over 50 pax for the buffet else it will be a roasted leg of lamb). The succulent lamb which is roasted daily will be irresistible.
Now, the buffet is starts daily from 6.30pm till 10.00pm and priced at a very affordable RM88++ (adult) and RM44++ (child). Those using Bank Islam credit/debit card are entitled to a 15% discount while Citibank and Maybank card users can enjoy a Pay for 5 and the 6th dine for free!

As for lunch, they will be having a Peranakan Cuisine theme and thus one can savor different flavors for both lunch and dinner! How awesome is that right? The lunch buffet is priced at RM50++ (adult) and RM25++ (child).

So do check out some of the highlights below.

The chef proudly presenting their creations!

A slurry of appetizers! 
This is the Kerabu Udang with So Hoon! Lots of fresh prawns going with a chinese style noodle for a cold salad dish! Very appetizing.
 This is the Gado-Gado where you will have a huge variety of vegetables and fried items that matches with a peanut sauce!
 An assortment of Ulam-Ulaman where you have a wide variety of local herbs and salads! It goes superb with the sambal!
 This is something which is not available often and its Kerabu Nangka or jackfruit salad! Only the young jackfruit is used for this and I guess this is really something truly local in flavor!
 Acar Buah is a fruit acar and is prepared with a mixture of local fruits for this salad!
 Of course, their all time favorite, Sup Gearbox! Now, this soup is known to give some people super powers! And its said, many VVIP's come here just for this dish alone! If you want to ensure you get one of this, make sure you make reservations and call out for it!
 Ayam Masak Merah is a must have at any Ramadan Buffet
 The Kambing Kerutuk Pantai Timur is a mutton dish whereby lots of herbs and spices is combined to the mutton and slow cooked till the meat is tender and soft!
 Udang Masala is a unique approach to using Masala style to cook these huge prawns
 Vegetable Dalca will be great for those looking to add some vegetables to their meals!
 Tomato Rice with Raisins is really delicious with the rice perfectly cooked! The chef here really know their rice!
 Seafood Bubir Lambuk was surprisingly good. The porridge had just the right consistency and was just filled to the brim with seafood!
As for desserts, Red Velvet Cake was pretty unique colored cake though!
I enjoyed the Bubur Kacang Hijau as Im a sucker for these!
And of course, an assortment of local Kuih!
A sampling of the many items on my plate!

And then for the Peranakan Cuisine! A good spread!

 Items like Assam Prawn looks yummy
 How can we miss Lobak, and the version here is made with chicken!
 Then there is the Jiu Hoo Char which is vegetables with shredded dry cuttlefish!
 The chef presenting his creations

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  1. Wow, that's a good deal! Just got my islamic credit card by applyingg to this: Thanks for this post!