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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pingxi Train Station in New Taipei City, Taiwan

On the East of Taipei, there are many old mining towns with Jiufen probably one of the most infamous and always full of tourist. But if one follow the old train tracks, there are actually quite a few more interesting towns along the Keelung River. The trains are still running albeit I think its just full of tourist hopping the mining towns :)

Anyway, Back in June, was lucky enough that my buddy Mark brought my wife and my little boy at that time to Pingxi Town Station and even though it was raining, but I think it was pretty bearable. As I look back at the map, there are quite a number of towns along the river and Shihfen is probably one of the most popular one here. I will write another one about that too.

So at Pingxi Station, I feel its really a small but lively town. We went on a weekday and was glad that it was pretty quiet unlike at Shihfen. You get a nice cobbled street up to the station and along it there are many souvenir and snack shops. Of course you can also light up a sky lantern too here which is probably one of the highlights of visiting one of these townships.

Do check out the photos below ya. These were taken with my handphone :)

The streets leading up to the train station

 Walk as we go
 Hehe, even have Family Mart
 They have these bamboo with messages which they hang about. I guess its wishing bamboo ?
 My buddy Mark and baby boy

 Letter box and I think the drawing behind is saying we should be good people
 You get to cross a mini bridge
 More shops. Not sure was it the time of year but its relatively quiet
 A view of the street looking back
 Pretty flowery aprons
 There was this nice little cottage cafe that is right next to the train tracks. Its right at the end of the shop houses. Would definitely have some coffee there next time

 Finally the train tracks
 Must take a posing shot la

 Lots of motorcycles here. Thats the train station at the end
 Oh train lai liao! Train is approaching!

 Pose with train
 Hehe, have a shot of the sign board too

 The bamboo hanging at the station

 There goes a sky lantern
 Shop selling the sky lantern
 More pictures of the tiny cafe

 Tiny windmill

 A traditional house
 And while heading to the car, saw this sign board. Not sure where the arrows point to la :p

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