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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bangkok Lane Famous Mee Goreng, Penang

Im sure I have heard of this place before but surprisingly never knew where it was till one day while I was hungry and happened to just park my car at Bangkok Lane, which is located at Pulau Tikus area, and then did I stumbled upon this place.
At first, I was wondering, why was there so many people eating here and then I just did some survey and notice that there is only 2 options. Curry fish head from the Nasi Kandar or Mee Goreng. Thus I opted for the Mee Goreng and lo and behold, it came in a red plate with a bunch of chopped lettuce on top. I thought, hmm, nothing too special, only did I realize that the Mee Goreng was filled with squid. Then I thought, this sure taste like the Mee Goreng Sotong and it does actually. The noodles were well cooked and the sauce not overly wet until it soaks the noodles. Overall, I like it and its a good challenge to the one at Esplanade foodcourt. At least I have another option now. They are close on Monday though. Opens from the morning till evening otherwise.

 Looks pretty decent huh

 See so much sotong

 This is probably the only part I'm not too fond of in which they cook in such a big volume at a time
 All cooked, then they will divide it and add the sotong

 Thumbs up ya!
 Located at the corner of Bangkok Lane and Burmah Road

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