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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bao Shen Steamboat at Luzhou, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Located along Changrong Road (I think its at 399) in Luzhou, there is a steamboat buffet place that is not high end but serve some decent selection for a reasonable price. The place is called Bao Shen and its a bright colored shop with a really large seating capacity. 

The shop is restaurant is open from 11am to 11pm and they have different pricing depending on the time you dine there. Another moot point is that one is limited to eating for only 2 hours only. But for the price of less than TWD300 per pax (children is half price), you get what you pay for I guess. I would say the highlights here would be the meat section where they have the pork, lamb and beef slices. During winter months, they also have venison meat too. 

Besides that, there are no options for soup base and its only a clear stock which is available. On the other hand, they also serve a selection of cold and hot dishes as well as drinks. All in all, pretty decent for the price that we pay for and gobble as much as you can eat in 2 hours. Enjoy.

The entrance with the pricing stated based on the time. Do note the finer print of 10% service charge

First plate. A variety of clams, inoki mushrooms and fish slices
Its individual pots here
Its a big place
Don't ask me what it says
The phone number if you want to make a booking. So far the place is big enough that you should be able to get a table anytime. They have table for 2, 4 and 6 pax
These are some of the cooked food. It changes often and also gets refilled
More plates piling up. Oh yeah forgot to mention, the plates are given when you are seated (paid at entrance) and then you use this plate to go get the food at the counters.

Lets start whacking the meat!
This is the meat and fish ball counter!
Selection of vegetables and fried stuff
This is the salad bar
Fruit selection depends on the season
Even have biscuits as snacks I guess
These are the condiments and sauces available
The cold drinks counter. Slurpee and variety of cordials. No softdrinks though
Even have a variety of teabags but don't expect high quality tea la
My daughters favorite I guess is the icecream lo. Choice is ok, but again, no Meizu or Haagen Dazs
Even have a popcorn machine
Fried cooked dishes. The fried chicken wings not bad
These are the cold dishes

The fridge with the raw steamboat items

Closeup of all the meats
Another section with stewed items such as the Taiwanese stewed pork meat which they love to put on rice
And finally a few more exterior shots

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