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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Taiwan Food Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza

Well, this is seriously a lucky week for me. Had a great lunch on Wednesday, and 2 days later this is another great lunch, and a dinner which I will be hosting as the MC later. But the blog for this one is about my lunch at a place called Taiwan Food. Simple name I guess.
Well, my friends recommended the Eel Stew Rice set so that was what I ordered. I also had the sour drink. Basically the menu is pretty simple, with not that many items to choose from. Most comes as a set dish, where you have the main meal, a drink, soup of the day, salad and dessert.
So, it was really quick for the dish to arrive. And when I saw it, it reminded me of a typical Japanese unagi (eel) bento set. When I took a bite, there was no mistaken that this tasted just like the bento. Hahha, guess its not just Taiwan food here. The piece of eel was pretty well sized and there is some fried egg and a light gravy with the rice. I would rate it pretty good for the eel though I did feel that the eel still had abit of bones on it.
The soup wasn't really cooked long enough or the amount of ingredients was probably not enough. It was old cucumber soup and I hardly tasted it. The salad, hmm, what a small portion was my first impression. It was actually sauteed cabbage with some black fungi. Again, nothing spectacular.
The dessert today was a piece of cake. I can say that this was pretty good. No complaints for this one.
We also ordered 2 side orders which was the Yea Su Chicken & Fried Dumpling. I recommend the chicken. It was well marinated and the batter was flavorful. The dumplings was another disappointing item. It was dry, the skin thick and not well fried.
So overall, I think the ambiance here is very cosy, for chilling out, with reasonably tasty food.
Eel Stew Rice
Rating : 3.5/5

Yea Su Chicken
Rating : 4/5

Fried Dumpling
Rating : 3/5

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The Eel Stew Rice
Yea Su Chicken
Sour drink
Fried Dumpling

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