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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lunch at Sakae Sushi @ Queensbay Mall Penang

Well, like in my previous blog, I did mention that I'm on a home run for good food and today I think is another one. Got a friend who brought us to Sakae Sushi for lunch. Well, I decided that today I will not order any of the heavy meals and just have some maki's. So I ordered a few premium makimono (which is a sushi roll instead of just the typical sushi).
I would say that all the items which I ordered is good today. The ones I would like to point out would be the Unagi Maki which I feel would be something most would like as there is no raw items here and would work well on most palates. If you like salmon, then the Ura Maki is definitely a must try as it not only have salmon sashimi but it has fried salmon skin wrap in the middle.

Also ordered was the soft shell crab crepe and another new premium makimono which I forgotten the name. Of course, side dishes ordered were salmon sashimi and also Ajitsuke Idako or baby octopus. I'm gonna rate the place overall as I think it deserve it.
Rating : 4/5

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This is the Ura Maki
Unagi Maki
The one I forgot the name

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