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Monday, October 12, 2009

Hardwicke House BBQ & Buffet Restaurant

Well, we got an email telling us about this new place called Hardicke House and actually this was not where we initially planned to go. Last minute decided on this place since we can have a lunch meeting at the same time and buffet seemed like a good idea, also thanks to WC for the treat.
So this place is having a opening promotion right now where its 4 for the price of 3. Its till 30 November 2009 so don't miss this. Their lunch price is RM18++ and 38++ for dinner. There is a 15% tax for service and government charges.
So, we didn't expected much from the food for the price but since they have the promo, what the heck, well worth it right.
When we arrived, the place was packed. All the tables were taken or reserved. We were about to leave when the owner or chef asked us to stay. We decided that sitting on the outside was ok as well since it was not hot or sunny (the place is shaded). So there was 8 of us today and we started our way to the buffet.
There was a salad spread, dessert in the center and a buffet line. When we reach, it was already almost 1pm and I think the first round of food was already finishing. Luckily we still managed to grab some good briyani rice and also salmon cooked in cheese. These were really good. I tried the Puri bread (like roti canai), the chicken vindaloo, fish curry, lamb rajol, salmon in cheese and the sweet and sour fish.
The lamb and salmon was what I like best. The lamb was so soft and tender that it was falling off the bone. I had second helping of this with spaghetti as a base instead of rice in the second time. The salmon was also pretty good,. It tasted as like the salmon had been precook and the put in a cheesy sauce. There was also beef rendang and beef bolognese for the spaghetti. Overall, there is suppose to be a choice of chinese, malay and indian cuisine/dishes serve differently everyday. Not bad, salmon for RM18++.
Then I went for the dessert, had an egg tart, which is pretty good, some nyonya kuih, assorted local fruits and ice cream. They have free flow of pretty good ice cream with 5 flavors in total.
Overall, I would rate this place a winner for the folks who works around this area, and advise is to give a call and book a place in advance and arrive early for the first round of dishes. This is advise as we found the second replenish round of the dish were of lower quality.
Rating : 4/5

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The interior
Salad spread
My platter, first round

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