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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tea Break at E & O Hotel

Well, my company has a celebration dinner at E&O as I mentioned briefly in my previous post. As I was the MC for the dinner, I did not have the time to have taken the nice international buffet spread. Sigh, the food was actually pretty good and I think my favourite item was the deep fried oyster and lamb chops. Hahaha, high cholesterol food so I only had 1 piece each.
Back to the tea break which is what I'm blogging about here. I think its well known that E&O Hotel is one of the most establish and oldest hotel in Penang with a very rich history. As the committee member for the dinner, we decided to order a tea break so that we will not be starving during the dinner itself. So we ordered assorted muffins (my choice), croissants and fruit cake. Since the last two items isn't exactly on my "like" list, I will give my comments about the muffins. First impression I had was, this is probably the smallest ever muffins I have seen. What a disappointment from such a hotel. But on to the taste, the chocolate muffin was very rich and the peanut toppings a good choice. I think I had like 5 pieces as it was gone in 1 bite. The vanilla one was more normal, with some raisins added.
Assorted muffins
Rating : 3.5/5

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The view from the hotel

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