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Friday, October 23, 2009

Zim Sum Dim Sum Restaurant @ Anson Road

Well, seems like my friends have been here many times but this is my first. When we arrived, it looked like any Dim Sum place, big, many tables, self service for faster food, etc. A typical dim sum restaurant.
With that, heheh, we go to the food.
Now as with any dim sum place, my take would be 2 basic items which is Har Kau (prawn dumpling) and Siew Mai (pork dumpling). Typically if this two items are good, that will set the standard.
So my take on the Har Kau is that it was just ok. This is definitely not the better ones I have had. The prawns were not particularly big or tasted super fresh. The skin was abit thick and was not well made as you can see from the picture, the dumpling was not even properly made.
Rating : 3.5/5

On the Siew Mai, this was another so so dim sum again. First, it was cold. It was not even put on the steaming trolleys. Then there is just too much fat instead of a good pork meat mixture.
Rating : 3/5

We did have a bit of other dish such as fried carrot cake and also some fried prawn role. Not too bad. Overall for 4 person, total was RM33 which is not a bad price. Will definitely try some place else before returning.

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