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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dinner at Restaurant Kyoto at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Copenhagen

Resturant Kyoto is a Japanese restaurant that was conveniently located at the hotel which I stayed at, Radisson Blu Scandinavia. The Japanese restaurant I understand is one of the oldest in Copenhagen and they also have another branch called Sukiyaki in downtown which I will write later as I also had a chance to dine there.
Since this was my first day in Copenhagen and we spend the entire afternoon walking about, we were pretty tired and thus decided to just eat at the most convenient place. Thus thats why we chose this place.
We were also pretty full and so we just ordered a few items, namely their sushi platter, miso soup, gyoza and also a fried soft tofu. More below ya.

The miso soup. This was really good and refreshing. If I remembered correctly, I think there were no bits of seaweed or tofu inside, which I so love.
 The sushi platter. A really good spread for sushi. Only after ordering this did John mention he doesn't like raw items. LOL. So me and Khairruz ate most of it I guess. Its really good and this is how sushi is suppose to be, the slices of fish is large and well cut with the grain. See how the fish slice is actually larger that the rice ball? Wish all sushi in Malaysia is like this and not skimp on the quantity and quality.

Another picture with the maple leave decoration removed. So there is prawn, unagi (eel), octopus, salmon, tuna, white fish and a tuna roll. Yum Yum!
 So John ordered some gyoza which is like pan fried dim sum. Hahah. The filling was meaty and nice to the taste.

 And finally the fried soft tofu. The tofu was really very fine and soft and melts to the bite. See 3 spoons? Hehe, so we all can try!
 To end the night, a few shots from my hotel room. The below scene is taken about 10pm Copenhagen time. The sun never really sets and rises at about 2am. I woke up a few time at about 4am thinking I was late for work. LOL

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