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Saturday, August 13, 2011 Launch Party @Weissbrau, Straits Quay Penang

Today is the launch of which is the new name for So is now rebranded with their new name and I was fortunate to be invited to their event at Weissbrau German  Bistro & Bar at Straits Quay, Penang today. At first thought that it would be a small event but when I arrived, it was a very grand celebration happening.
Seems like even the CM of Penang was invited but I guess he could not attend and thus in his place is YB Danny Law. There was some delay to the event start time as it was suppose to be at 11.30am but started more like 12.30pm. So what is this all about? Well, the launch was also about having an iPhone App. Yes, they have a great foodie tool for those looking to find good food from your local peeps like me. Hahaha.
So today they have a few partners for the launch and even DiGi was there harping their iPhone4 plans. How I wish there were some extra special promos for it. But nonetheless, a successful launch party and last but not least, I also collected my prize of the CSL Spice Mi700 Droidpad from the lucky draw held by Qyzzy. Thanks alot to Qyzzy and also CSL for this. Will be writing about the Droidpad soon ya. So below are the pictures and drop some comments. Congratulations again to Vin Lim, Terry Tan, Lau Yee of Qyzzy! Wish you all the best and keep it up!

The signboard leading to Weissbrau, here I come!
The launch party invite cards!

I signed here too :)
 The ladies with the Instax cameras and t-shirt :)

 Rows of white iPhone 4's. Wish I can lay my hand on it
The Weissbrau sign board. Must try their food here one day!
Thats Vin, the CEO!

 The many guests! What a crowd and the many press too.
 Seems like iPads are more popular than cameras now

 And this is YB Danny Law with his views at the launch!
 The signing ceremony
 Thumbs up for the successful launch
 Having a feel of how the app works!
And this is how it looks like on the iPhone
And thats an instax of me receiving my prize!
Drinks for the day. Mango, tea,coke and sprite. Yes, I was also hoping beer would guess now is the Ramadan month ya :)

And how can my blog not have food right? So there were some light refreshments served after the launching. Below is a mix salad with lots of olives.

 Sardine puffs. The puff pastry was really soft and fluffy and the sardine filling pretty good. The sardines were all blended and I wish there were some chunks.
 Stacks of bowl for the soup
 This is tuna on toasts!
 Mushroom pizza. The pizza is really thin and the cheese really thick!
 Curry chicken pastry. I must say, even though the curry chicken wasn't alot but the pastry was damn good!
  And this is how the spread looked like!
 There were 5 of us bloggers there and these were the few plates we shared!

Cold tomato soup. It didn't go too well with me as I felt that it wasn't seasoned well enough. Tasted like blended tomatoes with vegetables with nothing added. Taste raw.
 And thats a group photo of us!