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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dinner at Sukiyaki Japanese Restaurant, Copenhagen

As mentioned previously, I also had the opportunity to dine at Sukiyaki which has the same owner as Restaurant Kyoto. Sukiyaki is located not far from the central station and its just a walking distance away. Its tucked on the first floor and its a pretty spacious place with different sections which includes teppanyaki. Well, one of the highlights or I should say the speciality here is that they have lobster on their menu. Thus lets proceed shall we. Leave comments as usual ya!

This is the English language website

The exterior of Sukiyaki
 This is the entrance. You need to ring the bell for them to open the door
 These are what the chef will use to flavor the items
Nice decorative and functional lamps
The view out to the streets

This is the teppanyaki counter where we will be having our dinner
Chopsticks well wrapped. Its also from bamboo but of better quality
Since Denmark is where Carlsberg is from, so try their Tuborg Gold. The glass is for Japanese beer Kirin though. Hehehhe
Appetizer of salmon with some cooked carrots. Its slightly salty which is what whets your appetite
The guys ordered the set which I was abit disappointed to not order. Should have done the same as its really worth the money as you get quite alot of items. Below is the sushi that comes with it. Salmon and Tuna and also a piece from a roll. One will quickly see the difference compared to having a sushi in Malaysia.
Then they also have sashimi. Nice thick slices of salmon and smaller pieces of tuna. I got to eat it as John didn't. Lucky me.
And this was for the set platter. See so many items which I kind of regretted not ordering too.
The lady chef in action.
I ordered ala carte of a whole lobster. Thought the lobster would be huge but its only medium size. The set had half a lobster but a whole lot more other items and its way cheaper too
So I ordered a unagi don which is unagi (BBQ eel) with rice. Look at the whole piece of unagi they give. I think the typical unagi don I get back home you would just get less than half the portion here. The unagi is really fleshy and good. The difference is that I typically like the rice with the egg below the unagi where this one is served with just the unagi on top. But its definitely hearty meal.
Adding some pepper to the grilled items
Yes, this is part of their platter, scallops, vegetables, salmon,  squid, prawns, see why I regret....
This is my whole lobster. Not very big ya, and definitely not very meaty. It practically cost the same as their set alone
Starting to plate of their teppanyaki set
The 3 plates getting ready to be served. She is still preparing the butter sauce
Quite worth it right
And mine, with the sauce added
Teppanyaki set with the sauce added, I like how the mini octopus stands up
A close up of the lobster I had. The flesh is fresh and sweet and the added butter sauce gives it an extra flavor. I would seriously recommend to have the set instead as you will get the exact same lobster and cooking style, just half the portion, but you will get the sushi, sashimi and a whole lot more grilled items. But all in all, its good.
Even the claws are one big and one small. Haha, so you don't get alot. So yes, I did eat alot, the whole lobster, the unagi don, and some sushi and sashimi. Endless stomach I have. LOL
This is how fiery it gets sitting on the teppanyaki counter. I think this is when she was either cooking for another customer and added some wine. Just look at how high the flame is.

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