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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Estate Coffee : Copenhagen

After a long and tiring day, it was time to find a place to just chill and relax. What better way than to have a hot cup of yummy coffee and my colleagues were nice enough to recommend Estate Coffee. This little boutique coffee outlet serves their own blend of coffee beans from various estates around the world thus the name.
There are a few selections to choose from and we had a Mochachino as well as warm chocolate. The coffee is really brewed well and very flavorful and each cup also comes with a piece of chocolate as a compliment. I guess it goes well with the slight bitter taste of coffee right?
For those seeking a great cup of coffee in Copenhagen that is also affordable, do check out Estate Coffee ya. For those who have been there, do share your comments too!

Found their address and phone number

Gammel Kongevej 1
1610 Copenhagen, Denmark
+45-38111211 ‎ ·

GPS coordinates : N55.674511,E12.559905

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