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Friday, August 12, 2011

A continuation of a walk around Copenhagen

So after the lunch at Nyhavn Harbour, its time to stroll around Copenhagen town. As I walk along the streets, these are the images which I saw and encountered. Really have to thank Chun Har and Tommy for leading me and my friends around and they really know the route well (I think this is because she is like the de facto tour guide for Penangites). So enjoy the pictures below and do leave comments ya

A lovely couple embracing :)
 Just love these old majestic buildings
 Looking through the fence
 This is the like most exquisite shopping centre, Magasin

 Funny looking transparent pyramids. Its actually the roof for the subway below, allowing natural light to light up the subway.
 Inside Magasin
 The shopping street, Stroget. Fresh strawberries, which are really large and sweet
 Various building spires
 Another monument with the blue blue sky behind
 The many canals
 Street view

 This one reminded me something to Hogwarts.
 Simply amazing
 Guardians or the crown?
 Old looking street
 Shades of orange
 The gang, John, Chun Har, Tommy and Khairruz
 The canal and those are some boat houses dock at the side

 Enjoying the park and the sun
 Water droplets, its as if the leaf was waterproof with wax
 Yellow daisies
 White ones :p


 Oh, a turquoise elephant this time
 Roasted almonds
 A street performer entertaining the crowd. Probably wondering why I took his photo
 One of the alleys
 Statue of a baby angel?
 Like gangsters... hehhehe
 The Black Sheep, I think this is a bar, but not sure

 This is the town square I think. Huge building

 This is the entrance to Tivoli. The amusement park in the heart of Copenhagen. Didn't get a chance to go in though
 There used to be a Circus but I think now its converted into a restaurant
 This building has a really sharp corner

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