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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 - Haiku Sushi Restaurant, Red Lobster and Smokey Bones

Frankly, I didn't take as many food photos as I thought I would have. Probably was because I was hungry and the cold weather just restrains me from taking off my gloves to compose that perfect shot. But anyway, this post will have a combination of food which I managed to try while I was in New York.

Haiku Sushi Restaurant is located on the E Main St of Riverhead town. Its not exactly Japanese as its actually operated by Chinese though the food there is pretty decent. The place is cozy and food price not overly exorbitant. Do check out the photos!

Sashimi platter

The interior is nice and warm. Its easily noticeable from the road
 Typical Miso soup
 This is one of the special rolls which is with Tuna wrapped in a nice roll and then deep fried. I would have given this roll high marks if they did not put the sauce on it. It was a kind of sweet and sour sauce which kid of ruined the dish. It would also have been better if after the frying, each piece was torched so the surface of the tuna gets slightly cooked! But I do like the fact that they put in a huge piece of tuna in there

Had lunch at Smokey Bones and my buddy ordered a salad with some meat on it for the set lunch. It was a pretty decent size with good amount of leafs and meat. 
 I on the order hand was a carnivore and ordered their original baby back ribs and also hand pulled pork with a side of mashed potatoes and broccoli! Good stuff

Final entry is of a meal at Red Lobster. This is also one of the set menus which is called Lobster's Lover Dream but the portion is just overly crazy where you get a shrimp linguini alfredo, whole rock lobster tail and a split Maine lobster tail too! Not to mention a bowl of salad and some broccoli! This will easily feed 2 person thus order with caution.

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