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Sunday, April 14, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ Minni's Shabu Shabu and Habachi

On the Friday night, my buddy and his New Yorker friend decided to have some shabu shabu and I thought that this is probably one of the best times to have this as the weather was so cold and this will definitely warm us up. So he headed to Flushings, at 38th Avenue to this placed called Minni's Shabu Shabu and the first thing when we arrived to see was that there was a long time for people to get seated and you needed to get a number. But to me, a queue is always a sign that there is something good to be had, thus no complaints.
This is one of the best shabu shabu I have had as the ingredients were top notch! Read on to find out more ya

This is the standard bunch of ingredients that every diner gets. Its what else thats special!

 This is the first extra orders, which is fresh USA scallops. Just look at the size of it
 Then extra giant clams!
Beef roll slices
 Pork and Lamp roll slices. These are the ones I ate
An overview of those items, and that is pork balls and extra leafy vegetables
 One of the highlights, king crab! Now this is totally the opposite from the ones I had in the Japanese restaurant. The crab here was sweet, juicy and really fresh. It was just so tasty, wish I had more!
 And the best one yet! This is a whole lobster! It was as fresh as its just got out from the tank!
In this closeup picture you can't really see it but when the lobster arrived, you can still see its whiskers and legs moving! Thats how fresh it was. It was just superb going with the shabu shabu! And its not expensive in the USA to eat lobster. Its really cheap even after you covert it to RM.
 The whole spread on the table! Time to start eating
 And a picture of my buddies digging in!

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