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Monday, April 22, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ Jin Fong Restaurant, Chinatown

On the Saturday morning, we skipped the same old breakfast at the hotel and made our way to New York Chinatown and the first agenda of the day was to grab some good quality breakfast! The place which we visited is called Jin Fong Restaurant and its located 20 Elizabeth St, on the upper floor of the building. Before you even see the dining hall, you will be greeted by one of the longest flight of escalators! I was really surprised but its also a good thing as this meant that the restaurant will have less issues dealing with a large crowd or old folks who would otherwise had to climb a long flight of stairs or use slow elevators which can typically only hold like 15 person at a time.
Anyway, back to the food. This place serve some very authentic Hong Kong style Dim Sum and the variety if really impressive. They have lots of choices from steamed to fried items and there is even a section of popular items such as Curry Fish Ball and beef stripes. Do check out some of the pictures here ya and leave a comment too!

Just a section of what was ordered. Steamed Lotus Leaf wrapped rice (Ho Yip Fan), Loh Mai Kai (Chicken steamed Glutinous rice), Steams Prawn Dumplings (Har Kau), Fung Chau (Phoenix Claws aka Chicken Feet) and Yu Wat Kau (Fish Cake Dumplings) 

As you enter the glass doors on the lower ground, this is the sight that greets you! Up up and away we go.
The Har Kau was of a good transparency and the wrap was not too thick. Prawns were fresh too and this is always a benchmark of any Dim Sum place.
 I'm a fan of Fung Chau and the ones here I was hoping for it to be more moist. The chicken feet were very well fried but if it was cooked just abit longer, it would have been perfect. Taste wise, it was spot on with just the right mix of spiciness to it.
 This was the Yu Wat Kau, which is made from fish and I find it abit soft as I was expecting abit more springiness to it. But again, it was flavored well with some coriander mixed into it.
 This is the Siew Mai (Pork Dumplings) which was of a good size as so typical for Hong Kong style. It was full of meaty juices though the meat was a little over fattening. They even added some prawns into it thus it gave it an extra sweetness.
Something different was this Fried Lotus Root with Fish Cake. The lotus root was used like a sandwich to hold the fish cake in the middle. I felt maybe this plate was out for awhile thus it was abit cold and since its fried, not as crispy as I though it would be. But its something unusual for sure
 This was their Tau Fu Fah (Soy Milk Custard). Its a good thing we ordered one bowl to share as just look at the portion, they would fill the bowl to the max and it comes with ginger syrup giving it that extra flavor. The Tau Fu Fah was very smooth and it came in a large wooden bucket!
 A look at the interior. This restaurant is huge and I easily counted more than 100 tables. This is one of this Chinese restaurants that is also famous for hosting wedding dinners

 And their outlook, simple and nothing fancy. I did happen to notice the signboard next to it which reads New Malaysia Restaurant. Wonder what that other place serves though

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