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Monday, April 1, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 - Manhattan Skyline!

I guess it was by chance that I drove past one of the best place to view Manhattan and this is from Hamilton Park Lookout Point which is along JFK Blvd E. This is actually across the Hudson River from New Jersey. The place is pretty high up and one will get an amazing skyline view of Manhattan. I was there during the morning with the sun above and then later again during the evening! Too bad I didn't manage to stay till the night and have the night skyline view, which I'm told is another sight to behold. Oh well, maybe next time.
Do checkout the photos

This is a panoramic shot which I made from 4 pictures stitched together! The tall tower on the right with the pointy tip I believe is the infamous Empire States Building!

The scene in the morning!

 The houses which line the road are just awesome. I'm sure the have an awesome price tag too with such a view!

 This picture kind of give you an idea how high up this lookout point is
 Some pictures of the park

Just look at the beautiful sky and clouds. This was taken in the evening
Zoomed in
 Just amazing view
 Thats me with Manhattan in the background
 That is the new Freedom Tower!
 One more wide shot
 I pose again. It was very cold as the wind was very strong!
 The silhouette of the trees to the sunset!

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