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Monday, April 1, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 - Ocean Park Way and Jones Beach

I took a drive from Long Island to New York but the route which I used is via the Ocean Park Way which is to the south of Long Island. This is probably one of the more scenic route as you are basically driving on a stretch of road that has blue waters on both sides of the road. Below are some pictures and I especially liked those of the houses which were sitting on the banks. These are some lucky folks.

 Lots of trees hide them and I guess because they are bald that I get to see the houses
 The little car I got, a red Nissan Versa aka Nissan Latio here in Malaysia. Its really compact and on USA roads, don't drive very well. I even ended up with a flat tyre and then got upgraded to a Camry.
The long road ahead
 I then reached the beach near Jones Beach.

 It was freezing cold with the cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean blasting into your face! BRRRRRR
 What amazes me is that its so cold yet got people on the beach
 There were lots of seagulls in the parking lot, and they are not afraid of the cars. Stand there like super cool only.
 There was this tall structure called the Jones Beach Water Tower. No idea what it does but it looks nice!

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