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Monday, April 8, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Its just kind of a coincidence that I stopped by a number of Japanese places while in New York. Guess some of these food just appeals to me more than burger and fries. So this is some food pictures from Sakura Japanese Restaurant which was a place I found on my GPS device while I was at Riverhead, Long Island. I would say the food is just average and their sashimi are nothing to shout about. 
Just enjoy the pictures and my comments on each on of them.

To start of, this was grilled bacon with scallops which was really nice. I liked the fact that the bacon gave the scallops some fat and at the same time protecting the scallops from getting burned. Nice

 This is their take on deep fried soft shell crab. From the shape of the crab, its safe to say this was some frozen crab as you can see how the legs all stick to each other.
 This is tuna carpaccio, where the tuna is nicely glazed on the outside and still raw inside. This one was pretty decent if they had sliced the tuna a little bit thicker. Just too thin to my liking
 This was unagi sashimi and again, kind of disappointing looking. We also ordered king crab sashimi which is in the background and please don't order it. It was all rubbery and tasteless, and its either fake or totally not fresh!
 This is the lousy king crab
 Their sashimi platter looked kind of impressive and I have no complaints on this one. Thick juicy slices of fish from salmon, tuna and butterfish.
 Well, ok, we had 1 plate each!

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