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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ Subways to Chinatown

Being the scrooge, to get into Manhattan, I was informed that the parking would be killing thus I parked at Elmhurst, 73rd Street, and the took the subway from Jackson Heights. Well, apparently the parkings which are at the housing areas are free thus we saved abit from the parking in downtown Manhattan, but that didn't save my legs from the tiring endless walking! Well, but I guess it was interesting, and an advise to all those planning to drive to Manhattan for a day trip, then try to make it a Sunday as all street parking is free on Sunday, thus that will save you a bunch!
Do read on ya

The subway as we reached near Chinatown! Noticed that there are no safety barriers of any sort and most of the subway here are really old. Do watch out especially when there are lots of people as you don't want to end up on the tracks.
 Exited the Subway!

The surrounding as I exited the subway. And this is my first view of Manhattan!
 All the trees are bald here too
 I really liked the building styles here. See all the ladders for emergency escape. It really does exists like the movies

 Thats my colleague Man!

 And this is McDonalds at Chinatown! Noticed its written in Chinese too
 Official NYC Chinatown map!
 I'm really amazed by the selection of fresh seafood as very good prices at Chinatown
Just look at the assortment or crabs and even shell fish! Frankly, if you live in the USA, grocery shopping is really cheap for the stuff you can get compared with what we could buy over here!

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