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Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Second Home Steamboat - Sg Dua Penang

I was recently introduced to a place for steamboat located at the housing area of Sg Dua near USM. This is actually a very spacious home which is now converted to also house a steamboat restaurant. The place is called My Second Home and it really reminds one of their second home, ie, like going to their family home or inlaws, etc. The place as its a bungalow lot, has ample seating place inside as well as outside in the courtyard, and its best to sit outside as it is much cooler and has better ventilation.
The first thing of why I wanted to try this place was that they were using claypots for the steamboat. I actually wanted to know if it would taste better or more so, how do they change soup for you. This steamboat is of the buffet variety as as such, its eat all you can. They currently have a pretty decent promotio at RM16.80 per pax which is pretty good.
Thus my family and I head to My Second Home and we checked out their facebook page to see if they had any promotions, and they did. If we made reservations and arrive before 6pm, we will get a free bowl of birds nest soup if the lady brought their significant other along. Well, this fits us just fine and thus we made reservations and made sure we reached before 6pm.
Oh yeah, and I was mentioning earlier about the question of since its a claypot, how do we change soup, well, you can change it once you finish drinking the soup. HAHA. I found that amusing as I was thinking that they would either change the pot or clear the soup for us. Anyway, do check out the pictures and leave a comment too!

The place! Its a family home turned restaurant
Preview of my pot of goodness

Another view
Choices of vegetables
And dried condiments. Nice touch to also have quail eggs though its super high in cholesterol
The meats and seafood. They had white pomphret but it was tiny small. The prawns, were miserable as well. I would say these prawns would work if they were used for cucur udang, of you know what I mean by small.
Actually almost everything seafood were of the xxs variety. I guess paying less than RM20 gets you peanuts
The fridge holding the standard steamboat condiments

They had a few choices of noodles to choose from. I guess they really are hoping you fill up your stomach by eating noodles instead
The also have some cordial drinks which is unlimited refills as well. They also prepare a couple of ready made cooked food, such as stewed chicken feet, fried noodles and a few types of fried fritters as well as french fries.
The inside seating area
Finally our pot is here
Everything in now
Then throw in the tiny fish once most items are cooked
After a few rounds, its time to have the special dessert of birds nest soup. The cup on the right is honey incase some people prefer it sweeter. It looks pretty good
Another view
Wow, it actually have birds nest in it! Judging by the looks, these are probably the ones you get from those bird nesting houses but who cares really. The amount is very generous
And a view of the place at night
Overall, I would say its worth a try but I feel the quality of the food given is abit of a let down. Everything was so tiny and the saving point was that we got the promotion with the birds nest. Sorry but we probably will not be returning unless they somehow change their menu.

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