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Thursday, May 23, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ Times Square!

Finally I'm posting about one of the place which I believe is on every visitors lists to New York City and its no other than Times Square! As I approached Times Square, one will feel as if we have been transported into an advertising world of mega proportions and it just looks out of this world! The signboards are over sized and it stretches every inch of the building walls all the way to the tallest of skyscrappers! Words are just hard to describe the experience as your senses feel as if they are on overdrive here. Thus, I do agree that this place is a must visit for any visitor to New York! Do check out the photos!

Before reaching the middle, the sign boards are more static!
As you get closer, they get animated

Crowds of people

Had to pose for a photo. Sadly it was raining
NYPD booth
Hard Rock Cafe

There are many Elmo's around as well as many different super heroes. Managed to sneak a shot. Seems they will charge for photos

The awesome sign boards which reaches the sky

The center!
All the Broadway shows thats on going

This is the popular staircase where they will actually take your picture when it opens

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