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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sarkies ~ Carvery Night, E&O Hotel Penang

Sarkies at E&O Hotel Penang is one of the most popular dining place that is well known for its scrumptious buffets. I was lucky enough to be able to sample their weekly themed dinners which is the Carvery Night which is held every Thurday for RM110++ (Adult) and RM48++ (Child). The great thing about the Carvery Night is that it features a whole roasted lamb right over the piping hot BBQ pitt and its served on the spot and carved!
This is a meat lovers heaven as besides the roast lamb, they also feature many more assortment of meats that are slow roasted in the oven to perfection. Talking about meat, the Carvery Night also features the chef showing off their Tandoori cooking skills by having an assortment of Tandoori items, namely chicken, prawns and vegetables! Its really refreshing to get a mix rather than just having the typical Tandoori Chicken alone.
Now besides these extras, Sarkies definitely do not disappoint and continues to serve their ever popular buffet menu each and every day! You will be able to have a much better view of whats on offer from my pictures and I believe this is one of my longest picture post as there is just so much food variety to sample. Frankly, I failed to try every item on the night, not to mention the many cakes and desserts.

Best news, Sarkies is now having a special promotion, just print the voucher below and be entitled to a 30% discount! Yes, its that simple and must not be missed. So what are you waiting for, call the number for reservations!
Highlight of the Carvery Night, whole roasted lamb!

 Chef carving the roast
 There is never a time where you will find Sarkies running out of sashimi, ever. Salmon lovers rejoice.
 Yabbies, though I prefer prawns or lobsters anytime. They just don't have much meat
 Roast chicken kept warm
 The seafood grilling station
 Pandan Chicken
 The meat grilling station. All the lamb chops and sausages you can gobble
 Some local flavors, rendang is served
 There is even steamed seabass (siakap) in sweet sour sauce. This item always run out fast before the steam another fish.
 Even stir fried La La (clams) is available. This was so tempting
 I didn't get to try this item. Stomach no fit
 Chicken dish
 Another rendang
 Fried fortune wraps or money bags
 Raw salmon waiting to be grilled
 Showing off some fruit "Carvery" skills too
Assortment of fruits

 The salad bar

 The seafood bar. Yabbies, prawns, mussels
 Sushi rolls too. Too bad there wasn't unagi on that night
 Lots of cold platters
 This is potato salad if I'm not mistaken
 Cold meat cuts
 This is semi cooked tuna which is awesome
 More food. It doesn't end

 How the bar looks
Close up of the cheese
 Grilling station
 Another view of the seafood and rolls station
 This is where they have their famous crispy skin duck. Must not miss it
 For the cooking station, there is a noodle station
 Stirfry seafood station
 And another of my favorite, their Char Koay Teow station (I always ask them to put maximum condiments but minimum noodles)
 This place can easily fit a few hundred people

 The special Tandoori station which is located outside the main dining area
 Tandoori prawns on the skewer
 So colorful ya
 There is a good variety of sauces to go with the Tandoori and whole roasted lamb
 Honey Tandoori chicken
 Briyani rice. Another item which did not fit my stomach
 More views of the whole roasted lamb
 Hmm, look at how juicy and tender it is
 The outdoor dining area
 The indoor meat carving station
 There is even a curry/asam fish head made from salmon head
 Fried Egg Fu Yung is a favorite staple dish for locals
 Yabbie hoping he will be picked
  California rolls. How many can you have?
 Grilling chef in action

 Some unique birdcage deco
 Finally dessert
Wow wow wow, how to choose? My wife will probably just eat desserts
  And now my plates of food

 Half way through, the chefs actually went round serving the Tandoori! Good move
 More of my food

 This was a special request for grilled salmon head! Thanks to the chef for this. I just love grilled Salmon head
 The coffee machine serves some pretty decent coffee too and a good way to end the buffet. Thanks for reading

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