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Thursday, May 9, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ Statue of Liberty from Battery Park

As the Statue of Liberty was still being renovated due to Hurricane Sandy, I thus did not chose to go there but just went to Battery Park on the South of Manhattan and just snap some photos from there. I was told you can actually see the statue, and I do have proof as the below photos show, but hehe, its really kind of small. I could hardly see it and the photo was taken with a camera at 4x zoom. Thus, for those looking to get a frame filling photo of the Statue of Liberty, my advise, take the cruise and get up close!
 This is how it actually looks like to the eye! Its far!

 Some pictures at Battery Park. I heard the whole park was submerged in over 2 meters of water after Hurricane Sandy

 Another shot of the Statue of Liberty
 That is actually New Jersey!
 New buds of spring
 Moving to the next destination and saw this on the ground

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