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Thursday, May 9, 2013

NEW YORK 2013 ~ South Sea Port

This is the South Sea Port on the Lower South East of Manhattan. Its a very nice place with some big sailing ships. Too bad the ships were not having their mast up else it would really look like pirate ships. You can get cruises around Manhattan, to the Statue of Liberty or just around Manhattan itself. Its just a nice windy place to enjoy the view and the many ferries going pass this place! Enjoy the photos

Thats the big ship!

Thats the Brooklyn Bridge!
Statue Cruise! This is the one which is suppose to get close to the Statue of Liberty. Too bad the statue is still closed from the damage caused by the flood
With the Manhattan Skyline in the background


  1. ohhh the majestic bridge!

    will definitely step foot on New York one day! :D

  2. Ya Ann, there isn't exactly a whole lot to see, but its nice to step foot there once! Its also expensive!